The B & H Group- Spiffing Turn of the Century Entertainment

Feel transported back in time by the team behind one of the most successful bar triads in London.


The Bourne & Hollingsworth is a collective of charming yet sleek bars and restaurants in London who bear themed events and bottomless brunches as major strengths in their inventory of experiences. Their three different locations each bring something new to the table, catering to morning birds and night owls alike. The major restaurant is B & H Buildings in Northampton Road, and the two bars are Reverend JW Simpson in Goodge Street, and the Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar in Rathbone Place respectively. All of them are united by a pleasing sensation of anachronism, echoing the aesthetics of the early twentieth-century whilst steering well clear of any sort of kitsch territory and instead presenting a cooly sincere lounge encounter with timelessness. As well as this, they are well known for their pop-up events. The Kitchen Pantry opens up during the summer with an explosive selection of five different eating and drinking experiences that change every week in Clerkenwell, and the Fourth Wall is a wondering bar that consists of the Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar travelling to new locations in London (also on a weekly basis). On top of this, they have concept parties consisting of the Blitz Party (think 1940s war-torn London celebrating like it’s the last night on earth), Prohibition (1930s art deco Americana), Dark Circus (approachable fetish akin to Secret Garden Party), the SS Atlantica (1930s cruise culture), the Chap Olympics (the annual hotbed of eccentric upper classed British culture parodied in various showings of strength), host life drawing classes on Tuesdays, and are heavily involved in the running of Secret Cinema.

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For Sundays, the Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings are the place to be. For a mere £16 you can have bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys (by far the best in Clerkenwell, in hot competition with Quality Chop House and La Ferme) alongside a recovery Eggs Benedict or Full English Breakfast. The Mashed Potato Sushi is nothing short of genius, and the Parsnip Chips are deliciously crisp.  Reverend JW Simpson has a decidedly vintage feel, with an impressive cocktail menu. Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar re-introduces some lost class to cocktail bars, notably giving drinkers a fresh tablecloth at 2am (a rare, treasured treat in a vicinity of trashiness). Overall, the B & H group has become a dominant force in London for refined entertainment within an atmosphere that truly transports you to a rose-tinted era.

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