The Best Flower Shops in London

Whether you’re looking for the creme de la creme of the luxury florists London has to offer, or an after-work flower school London experience, our little black list of London florists has you covered for all your horticultural needs.


From Netherlandish still life paintings to weddings, funerals, and photo shoots, flowers are an important part of culture and society. A house without flora isn’t a home: whether you prefer large potted plants or intricate bouquets to rest upon the mantelpiece, the best flower shops in London will have the perfect items for you to revel in. A new generation of London florists are breathing new life into the art of flower arrangements and are finding a medley of exciting ways to re-invent the practice. There are solid reasons as to why this green-fingered savants are considered the best florists in London.

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Grace & Thorn
Grace & Thorn’s naturalist and asymmetrical style has gathered a cult following amongst Londoners and brands alike. Grace and Thorn’s approach reflects the constant movement and evolution of design, bringing together the contemporary and the classic with unique combinations of texture and colour. Every arrangement is unique, and they even offer regular workshops to teach you how to construct your own from their florist central London hub.  The Terrarium workshop is particularly worth watching out for.

7 Green’s Ct, London W1F 0HQ

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Princess & Ko
Another excellent host of workshops, Princess and Ko specialises in creating jaw-dropping installations. Especially good for catering to your large events, they also offer gorgeous custom bouquets to say ‘I love you’, ‘I’m sorry I ran over the cat’, or ‘You look good for your age’ with an amount of delicate tact the likes of us plebs can only dream of.

Green Lanes, London N4 1JX

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Vive La Rose
As you can imagine, Vive La Rose is a rose specialist. Out of all the flower shops in London, they have managed to transform traditional threads of British arrangements into something effortlessly contemporary. The eco-ethical high tier florist has grown with the rise of the internet and offers an array of fantastic bouquets online that range from the quirky (think seasonal flowers in milk bottles), to the tactful (elaborate zinc mini-urns), and the classic (bountiful baskets). Better still, morning orders are delivered on the same day.

26 Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1Y 4UY

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Orchidya specialises in over-size orchids, and their style is defined by working around large statement flowers in their arrangements. They grow most of their orchids in their 13 acre glasshouse in Lincolnshire before transporting them to London, really taking their passion and dedication to orchids to the next level. Their permanent planted orchid arrangements are to die for and are presented in porcelain or glass vases. Their luxury arrangements are so beautiful that they could be placed in a squat and would instantly transform the space into something decadently up-market. As an added bonus, they also create chic bonsai trees, making them the go-to London florist for those desperately seeking zen.

42 Store St, London WC1E 7DB


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