The Best Short Courses in London: Part 2

Broaden your horizons with London’s vibrant offerings of short and evening classes.


The discovery and development of inner passions in life can be as exciting and unexpected as the passions of romantic love. Though like the endeavours of romance, you can certainly increase your odds of finding them by knowing the right places to look. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and throwing yourself into new environments with a good attitude always leads to something incredible (even if that just means an incredible cocktail to celebrate that the experience is over). There is a very specific sensation of spiritual (for lack of a better word) wealth that one can only attain through the learning of new skills and the feeling of achievement that comes with it. Here are some of the best short courses and activities in London. Check out London short courses.


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LARA: London Atelier of Representational Art
Train in the style of 19th century French master painters and draftsmen such as Gericault, Ingres, and Courbet. The newly started atelier provides 5 day intense classes to master oil painting, charcoal, and pencil in an array of subjects. Evening classes London here.

Life drawing classes
Every night of the week there are an array of life drawing classes being hosted in London. Usually only lasting 2 hours and with wine and nibbles on offer, it’s a fantastic way to spend the early part of an evening. The best ones can be found at Classes London.


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City Academy
This esteemed performing arts school has a fantastic selection of short acting courses to choose from. Dance, drama, singing, writing, filmmaking, photography, and design are all on offer. However the one to go for is their intensive 4 day acting foundation course.

London College of Fashion
The London College of Fashion has a wide range of both general and specialist week long courses to undertake. With 150 to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. Beginners will want to look into an introduction course, and more seasoned sewers can train in couture tailoring techniques.

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The Cheek of It
With a revived interest in burlesque, it’s no wonder that schools have started popping up. Although The Cheek of It runs 8-week courses for those wanting to become a professional performer, they also have a very popular ‘showgirl in a day’ course for the impatient and uncertain

Royal Institute of Philosophy
The Royal Institute of Philosophy has perpetual running lecture series that anyone is welcome to attend. At the moment they’re focusing on ‘action’ and hold the 1 hour talks every Friday at 5.45pm, with a discussion afterwards.

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The School of Life
The School of Life is such an excellent institution that almost everything they do is worth checking out. They offer a 5 day Summer school course jam packed with conversations about the most meaningful topics of contemporary life: from understanding the meaning of resilience through writing, to familial relationships, what constitutes as meaningful work, and how to manage the psychological impact of social media. The brain child of world-famous philosopher Alain de Botton, The School of Life is fearless in its willingness to tackle controversial issues and question the drives of society in a well-researched and contemplative (mostly Socratic) manner. If nothing else, check out their riveting youtube channel.

The Wellcome Collection
The Wellcome Collection provides regular lectures and structured conversations on topics revolving around medicine, the human mind, and sociology. Particularly good for those with an interest in psychology and neurology, their program provides an accessible platform for understanding new topics.



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