Blacklock: Meat with the Chops to back it up

Blacklock Soho is succulent, sexy, passionate, satisfying and a far more wholesome locale to get spit roasted in than its neighbouring establishments.

Blacklock review:

A wise man once said ‘specialise or get out’. That man was my old philosophy teacher, and today I can proudly hold up my dissertation on ‘Kantian Ethics: A Proto-Darwinian Dialogue of Spiritual Meta-Logic’ with tears of exhausted achievement streaming down my blustered face, dripping with the echoes of intellectual nobility onto the brutalist concrete floor beside my naked toes. ‘We did it, Mr. Bigglesworth’ I whisper into the unending void stretching into the infinite distance, ‘We finally did it.’ Mr. Bigglesworth taught me many things: the simple pleasures of a glass of chilled red wine on a hot afternoon in Southern France, the correct way to charcoal grill a lettuce heart, how to successfully avoid court-ordered institutional investigations, that most borders in Europe don’t require you to show any ID to pass through, but really, Mr. Bigglesworth taught me how to live. And how did I manage to plunge beneath the scummy surface of social reality to gain the sacred breath of life? By realising the importance of specialisation.

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Evidently, the creators of Blacklock had a Mr. Bigglesworth of their own somewhere along the line, as they have mastered the specialised restaurant concept. On the blacklock menu they serve chops. Mostly, only chops. They serve many chops. They serve them well. Damn well. Damnit, they serve chops well. The newly opened restaurant has already made a mark for itself in the harshly competitive environment of Soho. Even without having heard of Blacklock, the appealing display of hung meats in the window would be enough on its own to draw in the truly carnal-minded (after they’ve had their fill of the rest of Soho’s offerings, that is). The main affair is downstairs, in an understated industrial chic setting that emphasises the purity of the menu. Personally, I would recommend the chops.

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Not to be condemned to the well of mundanity, Blacklock has decided to offer both skinny and ‘big’ chops of the lamb, pork, and beef varieties. Those in a hurry will want to go for the Chop Sandwich before dinner time, whereas carnivores in it for the long-run will want to take advantage of the abundance of side dishes. The defining talent of Blacklock is that everything worth having has been charcoal grilled to perfection. The 10 hour ash roasted sweet potato, and roasted beets are certainly worth the lingering frustration of waiting the chef has no doubt been through in the process of their creation. All of this without evening mentioning the fact that Blacklock has the top Sunday roast Soho has to offer. The sensual attention they pay to all things fleshy will have you sizzling on the barbeque in next to no time. Wine is on tap and reasonably priced. Black lock restaurant is truly brilliant and fleshy.


Blacklock London address: 24 Great Windmill Street London W1D 7LG
Black lock opening hours: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-11.30pm every day

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