Blue Cat – a Bluesy Bar in Manchester.

Blue Cat is a name many local Mancunian will be familiar with. A live music venue and bar located in Heaton Moor, Blue Cat can only be considered a vanguard in the Manchester’s vibrant music scene and a vestige of the City’s rich musical history.

Blue Cat is a doubly attractive venue; the bands it hosts are both a colourful reflection of Mancunian music, and Blue Cat is undeniably a siren call for those interested in quality local music. Similarly, the friendly atmosphere and vibrant bohemian setting makes the bar a tempting place to hang out with a drink and good company. For a thing to do that reflects the dynamism and edginess side of Manchester itself, I recommend an evening at Blue Cat. Blue Cat reflects the laid back and unpretentious ambience that makes the City cool and the genuine support for local talent attracts a creativity that gives the bar a constant buzz. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a new student or a Manchester veteran, I suggest Blue Cat for anything from a meeting place with friends or a relaxed date.

Listen or Perform During Blue Monday’s Open Mic.

a Band performing at Blue Cat

Blue Cat was opened in June 1996, replacing the old TSB Bank in Heaton Moor, in Stockport and for 20 years has been a point of call for both established local acts and aspiring performers in the area. That isn’t to say the bar is exclusive to professional acts. In fact, one of the bar’s biggest draws is its open mic night. This night is called ‘Blue Monday’ and is aptly hosted every other Monday night. Although the night is open to any performer, Blue Monday does provide special guest MCs alongside its own stage production, including lighting. The event is always inclusive as audiences are accommodating and friendly. In fact, the crowds are open mic often regulars, many coming since its inception in 1998. If you’re interested in more than just attending and would like to perform yourself, Blue Cat is certainly a great platform to do so, one with dually a low-key but high-quality vibe. However, if you’re more accustomed to leaving the entertainment to the experienced, Blue Cat champions high-quality new acts, touring bands and soloists across a range of gigs and events hosted throughout the week.

Mani from Primal Scream meetign a fan at Blue Cat

Mani from Primal Scream meetign a fan at Blue Cat

The bar isn’t merely the realm of new faces however, and has a history of well-known performers ranging from Johnny Marr to Kiki Dee. Simply, for an alternative to high-production gigs in the City, Blue Cat provides a more intimate option vested with a great urban ambience.

Unpretentious Drinks Makes for a Relaxed Affair.

Blue Cat is thoroughly down to Earth. The drinks are competitively priced and unpretentious. The menu is largely comprised of UK based and continental draughts and beers. Simply, if you’re looking for a fine vintage or sophisticated cocktail, Blue Cat isn’t really your haunt.

If you’re looking for a chilled and convivial venue, that may not be opulent but surely has a Northern Soul of it’s own, then look no further than Blue Cat.

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