Bonbon Chocolate Boutique – a Mancunian Mastery of Confectionary.

Bonbon Chocolate Boutique Exterior.

Chocolate is a unifier, an irresistible confectionary and undoubtedly the one with the greatest health benefits, appealing to the masses. There are few who spurn quality chocolate and if someone does, then I’ll leave it to you to organise a serious intervention.

When doing so, there is perhaps no greater conversion therapy than a visit to Bonbon Chocolate Boutique in Manchester’s City Centre. Bonbon is a chocolatier and café, and sells bespoke chocolates, truffles and treats. In fact, set in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Bonbon is Manchester’s only provider of handmade chocolates made on the premises. Take a trip to the continent with artisan chocolates for a decadent afternoon break. The romantic environment and sensuous smells and flavours are perfect for a date, or simply to be good to yourself.

Visiting Bonbon Chocolate Boutique is an intimate affair. Admittedly, the café is small and cosy, with few seats in a small space. However, this intimacy works well when sipping away on a rich and velvety Latin-American style hot chocolate, nesting in warmth and getting a proverbial hug from the inside out. In its modest interior, Bonbon boasts up to date and luxurious furnishings, a nod to the quaint but extravagant Parisian chocolatiers across the channel. It must be noted however, that the Bonbon Chocolate Boutique has slightly unusual opening hours. The boutique is open by appointment only on Monday & Tuesday, whereas from Wednesday to Saturday, it is open 11.00 to 18.00. It is open from 12.00 to 17.00. These times reflect the fact that the mornings are used to make fresh creations on a daily basis.

Ingredients that Appeal to Celebrity Chefs.



Bonbon Chocolate Boutique brownies.


It is difficult to suggest a particular favourite to try for yourself at Bonbon as the boutique offers a rolling collection of indulgences. The delights range from individual pieces of chocolate, sharp and sweet, to the salted caramels, to the baked chocolatey goods including the brownies pictured above. Bonbon captures the essence of what makes delectable chocolate and it takes its mastery of the form and applies it to everything it does. In short, if you’re a chocolate lover, then you owe yourself a trip to the boutique.

All the goodies at Bonbons are crafted using the world-renowned Valrhona chocolate, the ingredient used by Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsey.

Bonbon Chocoloate Boutique Gift box.


Perhaps the best way to enjoy the chocolates available at Bonbons is with the assorted boxes, offering an array of both classic and more original varieties, each artfully crafted and exquisitely flavoured. Some of the more Avant-Garde varieties may sound unorthodox, but I assure you infuse together intoxicating elements in an ambrosial product. For instance, the melanges of Stilton & Caramel and Coconut & Lemongrass may appear deceptively strange. Their taste and textures however, are simply unparalleled.

Even if you don’t decide to stay during your visit, you can purchase chocolate gift packages, such as the pictured Valentines tray. At £69 for 100 chocolates, the selection may seem expensive, but at less then 70 pence per piece, you are getting both the height and breadth of the luxury chocolate experience at a relatively low cost. Chocolates for Valentines, of even gifts may seem like a cliché, but in this case Bonbons revolutionises the idea.

Golden Tickets to the Northern Quarter.

Furthermore, make your visit a magical endeavour, or a particularly exciting one for youngsters when purchasing a golden ticket gift voucher. The jubilant faces of young children as they redeem their tickets for in-store chocolate fantasies definitely adds to Bonbons abundant charm.

The boutique is a must visit in Manchester, it’s quirky but opulent, and most important adds a fine chocolatier experience as a decidedly Mancunian thing to do.



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