Breakout Manchester – Liberate your Afternoon.


Granted, when thinking of a day out in Manchester, there will be few who consider being locked in. However, I challenge anyone looking for an unusual alternative for a meet-up or adventure to consider Breakout Manchester.

Breakout Meeting area.

Breakout is undeniably a very different thing to do. The experience will have you sequestered in a locked room, with the challenge of freeing yourself within 60 minutes using only the power of your brain. Fear not, Breakout doesn’t put forth Houdini style chains and locks or physically encumber any challengers. Rather, Breakout is exclusively a challenge of wits; wherein players are tasked with solving clues, riddles and puzzles to beat the game and break out to freedom before the timer reaches zero. Breakout caters for teams of 2- 5 people in each of its puzzle rooms, and legitimately provides a novel but thrilling experience when occupying time with friends, family, dates or colleagues. Breakout emulates the sort of adventure seen on many screens and allows anyone to enjoy their very own crystal maze without the glare of the TV cameras.

The Experience is Inclusive, the Puzzles Discerning.

Players can book a variety of rooms; all ranging in difficulty, from 1 to 5 stars. Therefore, some rooms may be more accommodating if thinking of booking a family day out. However, the Breakout experience does have a lower age group of 10 and under 16-year-olds must be accompanied by adults. It should be noted that if you are a concerned parent, then you shouldn’t worry that the Breakout experience is too frightening for young ones or could trigger someone’s claustrophobia. Thankfully, the rooms are large and the experience is completely risk free. Alternatively, I can attest the experience is adrenaline fuelled in the best sense. Imagine a game show made interactive, with real life pressure testing your reasoning and decoding abilities. The rooms are inclusive, and only require basic English and numeracy skills as a prerequisite. The challenge is real though, and only around 50% of players succeed in breaking out. Perhaps the biggest test is whether you can bare the shame of failing the game amongst a competitive colleague when wooing a partner.

 Posing Challenges for Potential Detectives to Proud Mancunians.

Picture of successful Breakout Players.

There are 7 themed rooms to select from at Breakout, each distinct in tone. Perhaps the simplest and the most family friendly is the ‘John Monroe’s Detective Office’ room. Resonances with a certain much-loved famous Detective are seen here. The room chronicles the death of a famous detective, and you the player have been framed for his death. The room emulates the detective’s office and you have an hour to discover who killed him, their motive and the evidence to break out and break away from suspicion.

A further room is named ‘Madchester’, and rated 5 stars for difficulty, posing the most trialling encounter. The room sources its inspiration from all the things that make the City famous. Players are locked into a time warp, which fuses veritably Mancunian elements including football, the Stone Roses and even LS Lowry. However, no prior knowledge of Mancunian culture is needed to beat the game. In such case, ‘Madchester’ is a fantastic way for visitors to immerse themselves in the City in what is arguably one of the most unique and mentally stimulating day out available. Playing ‘Breakout’ is relatively cheap and prices drop the more players participate in one 60-minute game. However, the cost should always be around £13-£20 per person regardless whether players are booking an hour during off-peak or peak times. It’s recommended to book your game at Breakout at least a week in advance for off-peak but the peak times (Friday 5pm – Sunday 10pm) may require booking months in advance.

I wholly recommend breakout as a quirky alternative that brings excitement back to a rainy afternoon. Why not be original with your choice of activity?

Further information can be found on the Breakout website on, and by emailing or calling or 0161 839 8012 respectively.

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