Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens, a Mancunian Eden.


Close to Manchester’s City Centre is a botanical time capsule. The Fletcher Moss Gardens in Didsbury, a short drive, bus, train or walk from the City demonstrate that urban living truly doesn’t have to sacrifice floral charm.


Nestled between the Riven Mersey and the Stenner Woods, the Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens dispels any ill-informed notions that Manchester being a grey City, capped by perpetual rainclouds and replaces them with its verdant truth. For a foray into local greenery, I recommend no other than the Fletcher Moss Gardens. Whether you’re a budding botanist, a disgruntled urbanite or merely someone looking for natural beauty during an afternoon out, the Gardens will have what you’re looking for.

With Roots Hundreds of Years Old.


The Fletcher Moss Gardens began life as the Old Parsonage, and the building is the second oldest in Didsbury, dating from 1650. The building and its grounds possessed a variety of names and had a range of owners throughout the years but its current title derives from the nineteenth century. Since 1865, the house was inhabited by the Moss family, and in 1915, Fletcher Moss gifted the building and its gardens to the City of Manchester. Much of the current design of the Garden is the result of the work of Fletcher Moss and his mother, including the layout of the various gardens and the number of ornamental trees, from Yew to Purple Broom. The Garden is a vestige of their hard work and gives the area a timeless beauty. Surely, if you want to be whisked away into a world of breath-taking and otherworldly fauna, then a trip to Fletcher Moss is in order.


The Fletcher Moss Gardens is most widely populated by its stunning rock—garden, which is laid out in a south-facing sloping and give its own micro-climate, sheltered from the elements.

The result is that more delicate species are given an opportunity to thrive, including royal ferns, irises, and tulip trees to name a few. The colours and scents that occupy the gardens, from the above rock garden to the heather garden us truly an artist’s paradise. You’ll be inundated with both stimulation and relaxation during your visit and to get a sense of the wealth of plants on display, it really is best to visit yourself.

Activities From Tennis to Teamwork and Trowels.


There’s more to do than merely stroll through the Gardens however. A visitor may attend one of the many regular activities the Garden’s hold, many of which would be an ideal way to further your horticultural interests. For instance, rather than weed your own garden, why not join one of the Voluntary Sessions every Tuesday Morning as both a social endeavour and a manner to practice gardening on a majestic scale. Additionally, there are Health Walks every Monday afternoon, which serve both as a regular group exercise but a sensual feast, with a bounty of intoxicating sights and smells surrounding you. You can also play Tennis at the Gardens, which is an activity I have personally relished there.

To be taken to a world away from the bustling City Centre, you need only go to a Garden mere moments away in distance.

The Fletcher Moss garden is rich, beautiful and vibrant and could ease the stress of busy City Living with its treasure trove of natural delights.


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