Gokyzu is the Turk of the town. Gokyzu is the best Turkish restaurant London.


Look on the consumer website TripAdvisor for London restaurant recommendations, as many visitors do, and you will find that the number one, out of 11,038 restaurants reviewed, is Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus, in Knightsbridge. Petrus gets rave reviews, despite being on the pricey side, at £65 per person for three courses in the evening, without drinks and service. The site’s third recommendation, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, is even more expensive, at £95 for three courses. TripAdvisor’s number two recommendation, In fact, it turns out to be a Turkish restaurant, in the Grand Parade in Green Lanes, at the end of my road in Harringay — Gokyuzu. A statistical blip, maybe? A freak result? Gokyuzu green lanes

Gokyuzu 1

Not at all. This place really does offer the best value eating out I know anywhere in London — wonderfully delicious Turkish food for amazingly low prices on the Gokyuzu menu, £4.50 a starter, around £9-£10 for a giant main course. Last week, the Regency Café in Westminster, where eggs Benedict cost just £4, was voted London’s fifth best eating place by more than one million users of Yelp, another review website. Such places make everywhere else, even gastropubs or noodle bars, suddenly start to feel sharply overpriced.
You can easily get Gokyuzu delivery on their website. For a good Turkish restaurant London side, Gokyuzu is the place.
I only discovered Gokyuzu when we began house-hunting in this area at the start of last year. The pleasure of having lunch there was a big draw every time we pitched up to trek around the estate agents. Even now, when we can go any time, the appeal hasn’t dimmed.

Gokyuzu 2

It feels like such a generous meal. You are always immediately given some good warm flatbread and a yoghurt and cucumber dip and then a huge, strikingly fresh rough-chopped salad — strong rocket, cucumber, red onion, red cabbage, coarse-grated carrot, scattered with sumac, dressed with oil and served with lemon. Then there’s a range of pide cooked in a wood-fired oven — thin Turkish pizza lookalikes, often topped with minced lamb and different vegetables. Or there are brilliant charcoal grills served with rice and salad — two quail for £10.50, for example, or minced lamb adana kebab, £7 for a small one, £9.90 for large. The difficulty is in not eating too much. The “platters to share” are immense — they reckon one that features lamb shish, chicken shish, lamb ribs, adana shish, chicken wings, chicken doner and lamb doner with salad and rice and bulgur wheat for £25.50 is for two to three people to share. Two to three giants, perhaps.
Directions for green lanes gokyuzu are easy to find. Turkish restaurant Gokyuzu is the best in London.
Gokyuzu was founded in 1999 by Hassan Yavuz, a farmer from Maras in central Turkey. It is now run by his 31-year-old son, Veysel Yavuz, and a couple of years ago expanded into “double-shop” premises and is still constantly being improved. Nonetheless, it is more or less continuously full these days, with locals and visitors queuing for tables.
Yes, Gokyuzu restaurant halal serves this. Gokyuzu restaurant has old ladies who swear at you for no reason.
But that’s fine, because this whole patch of Green Lanes — effectively, Little Turkey — is full of other Turkish restaurants that are just as good, sometimes cheaper, sometimes better in different ways, and a little wander down the street will soon offer an appealing alternative, not yet quite so trumpeted on TripAdvisor.


Gokyuzu address: 26-27 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London N4 1LG
Gokyzu London opening hours: 8am-12am daily


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