Outdoor Galore at High Road House Chiswick

The lesser frequented of London’s Soho House groups has a restaurant on Chiswick High Road that demands to be visited more often.


The Soho House & Co has an undeniably thriving series of private members clubs across the globe, and has a refreshingly creative-based form of elitism which counters the usual money-bound or boys’ club affairs found in London. However, what often goes unsung are the publically accessible areas of the group: namely, their restaurants. They are really to be understood as solid establishments in their own right, and although there are certainly themes of continuity running throughout the kitchens of the clubs in every city, each restaurant certainly does have its own unique feel and offers a different experience. One of the best of these London based restaurants is High Road House in Chiswick: easily standing out as one of the paramount dining locales in the area.

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This incredibly pleasant upper-middle classed central suburb is beginning to get back on the mend after the financial crash, meaning that its high street is recovering from a dark decade of empty shops, boarded up windows, and general depression (ironically amongst a backdrop of ever-inflating house prices which have more than doubled in value in the last decade). What this means for the average flaneur is that on a sunny day, the high street is the place to be. This stream of thought continues that the finest restaurant to attend is the one with the best outdoor seating area: this can only result in one conclusion; High Road House is the paramount restaurant for flaneurs who have strolled into Chiswick. Its situation within this marvellous and grey city demands that it supplies the two critical ingredients needed to be considered a good outdoor eatery: firstly, heaters; secondly, blankets. This may sound simple, but it is the difference a good blanket can make it remarkable; and all the better when they have been tastefully colour co-ordinated with the décor. Unusually, the restaurant has divided its strengths equally amongst brunch, and an all-day afternoon and evening menu, although brunch is the best time to eavesdrop on other customers as this is prime yummy-mummy time, and there is always at least one hungover couple on a date (how they have managed to organise a hungover brunch on a weekday always evades me; perhaps they are also food critics).

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The most efficient way to describe their brunch menu is to say that they have tracked down all of the other brunch specialists in the area, stolen their defining selling gimmick, and crammed them into the same menu, albeit in a much nicer setting. Fresh juices ranges from pineapple to carrot (for entertainment value, demand for a new pineapple for your juice and grab a seat where you can watch your waiter struggle with their bufuddlingly complex juice machine), ‘protein punch’ smoothies, fresh pastries, deluxe porridge, crepes as well as American buttermilk pancakes, eggs of all varieties, and you can add quinoa or chia seeds to anything. Lunch and dinner is somewhere between England and Italy: cauliflower Bolognese (highly recommended) rests alongside calves liver, seabass, a seriously decent cheeseburger, burrata, and you can add quinoa or chia seeds to anything. The bar is as well stocked as the fantasy penthouse of any delusional bachelor. The selection of sprits and liqueurs is as dizzying as you want to feel after drinking them, and the array of wines is varied without being overwhelming. The cocktail list is concise, unfussy, and well-curated and the best part is that you can add quinoa or chia seeds to anything.

Right next to Chiswick House.

Located at 162-170 Chiswick High Rd, London W4 1PR
Open daily 7am-11pm

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