Fig & Sparrow – Homemade Coffee and Cakes

Fig and Sparrow 1 - outside view

Fig & Sparrow calls itself a ‘lifestyle store and coffee bar’. This self-appointed title may be somewhat vague, but take one look at the venue located in Manchester’s Oldham Street and you’ll undoubtedly have a full picture of the type of setting it is.

Fig & Sparrow is clean, modern and continental; A glimpse inside its doors would take you to a minimal café befitting of Berlin or Stockholm.

The venue emphasises a particular style – oak wood, quirky furnishings and open spaces give the atmosphere of a trendy and cosmopolitan coffee house suited to its setting the heart of the Northern Quarter. If you’re looking for a fashionable locale to break from shopping, working, studying or whatever reasons the City has called; you can go no wrong with a visit to Fig & Sparrow.

Fig and Sparrow 2 - gifts


Fig & Sparrow places a lot of value on its appearance; it is in a fashionable part of the City and makes no excuses when aiming to be hip. Thankfully, the café doesn’t sacrifice substance for style and it for that reason, I am writing so positively about it today. Fig & Sparrow appeals to both the image and quality conscious, with the standard of produce and service matching its ambience.

Quirky Gifts that Liven both the Store and your Home.

The ‘lifestyle store’ aspect of Fig & Sparrow contributes both to the attractive environment and adds a unique flare to what in all other regards, is a City Coffee shop. The shelves are decorated with bespoke trinkets that each has household functionality. For instance, expect to see elegant clocks, crockery, books, gifts and tchotchkes that would add charm to any home. Everything on sale is Manchester-made and is therefore a fantastic way to support the City whilst enjoying what is by its own merit, a fantastic place to eat. Local designers contribute to the goods on sale and there is even wall space dedicated to an exhibition of the work of Manchester-based artists.

Fig and Sparrow 3 - barrista with coffee

What makes the delicious food served at Fig & Sparrow truly stand out is the level of service that comes with it. The staff really make friendly customer service an art form, and are accommodating without being imposing, more than willing to tailor your order according to any tastes or preferences. Yet, the customer service is merely one factor in the overall highly relaxing atmosphere.

The Food and Drink Stands Out in the City.

Fig and Sparrow 4 - customers in cafe


However, it is the food that I am most impressed by. The menu (one that is painted on a large board on the wall) is pretty typical for a café environment. The food served ranges from cakes, homemade bread, sandwiches, soups and salads. However, the standard of which is nothing like the some of the insipid alternatives found in any City Centre. The food and drink (fresh coffee and loose-leaf teas) at Fig & Sparrow is consistently thoughtfully put together, where vibrant, fresh flavours please both the pallet and wallet.

Fig & Sparrow successfully blends together elements of an attractive boutique and a dining environment in an institution that demonstrates an eye for aesthetics, a heart for customer service and a taste for quality food and drink. My eye is most definitely on the Sparrow.

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