Ziferblat – Time is Money Well-Spent

Ziferlblat 1 Coffee Cup

Ziferblat, the German word for ‘clock-face’ may seem like an unusual name for a café based in Manchester’s Edge Street. However, once you understand the unique selling point of Ziferblat, its name is perfectly fitting.

To be brief, Ziferblat is a place for hire. To give it its due credit, Ziferblat is a versatile setting, attractively decorated and is free in all but the time you spend there. Ziferblat charges 5 pence per minute to use its space, the modest bill only accumulating as the hand makes its way around the clock-face.

Ziferblat is a unique venue and although may sound unorthodox, is one I recommend wholeheartedly. No matter what you’re looking to gain from your visit, there is something for you. Regardless of your age or occupation, Ziferblat offers a trendy space to work, study, relax, dine or attend one of it’s many customer-led events.

From Humble Beginnings in a Tree House for Adults.

Ziferblat 2 Volunteer Stall


Reflecting the creative environment it is today, Ziferblat began as a community of poets looking to share and progress their work. This was in the fittingly bohemian setting of a tree house for adults, and Ziferblat was first founded in 2011 in Moscow by a man named Ivan Meetin. As the idea grew, so did the customer base, and Ivan adopted the pay per minute model allowing for the space to grow. Ziferblat now has over 14 venues across the world, each a cultural Mecca in its respective location. Ziferblat attracts many a folk, with many an interest, and such, the venues host a wealth of activities, from reading groups to open mic nights. Manchester’s branch is no different and truly mirrors the range of creative talent the city possesses.

Ziferblat 3 Coffee and Toast


It is true that the only thing you pay for is your time at Ziferblat, and do so at a very reasonable 5 pence per minute. In other words, the £3 an hour you would spend in Ziferblat is very likely much cheaper than a coffee and snack you would purchase in countless High Street cafés. Alternatively, Ziferblat lays out free coffee and cake to every customer, creating the feeling of a home away from home. In such case, Ziferblat answers a growing need in modern life – having a setting for a meeting, work or study group without the guilt of hogging space in a café, making a single Americano last for hours as justification.

Limitless Things To Do with Activities Set by You.

Ziferblat 4 Interior


The setting in Manchester’s Ziferblat is quirky and retro, with bookshelves and board games acting as functional décor. The seating areas and cozy and trendy, and provide an area that would make anyone willing to pay for as long as a visit as possible. There are also countless things to do in Manchester’s branch. There are regular meet-ups, such as film screenings hosted by its attendees, to acting workshops, and even haircutting sessions. Again, all of these cost no more than the price of your time – 5 pence per minute.

Ultimately, Ziferblat is a novel idea, executed well – it is truly what you make for it. Ziferblat offers an alternative way to spend your afternoon in Manchester, and is more memorable, and likely, much more cost effective than a generic coffee shop.

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