Molly House – a Modern Mancunian Pub that Gets it Right.


When being told to visit Manchester’s Molly House, you need not be worried that you’re being recommended a venue with the use of a slur. Molly Houses may indeed be a terms used since the 18th Century to describe a meeting place for gay men and non-gender binary individuals, yet its usage in Contemporary Manchester City Life, is wholly one of playful re-appropriation.

The Molly House is nestled in Manchester City Centre, in the heart of the Gay Village, yet is open to all, whatever sexual orientation. In fact its inclusivity is a factor in its success, the destination is widely considered one of the greatest pubs in the City and has been ranked as one of the best places to go in the City in on-line polls. The reason is simple, Molly House has all you’re looking for in a good pub – great food and drink, a very laid back atmosphere yet it still manages to retain an urban and eccentric vibe. The place is unpretentious but has a bounty of style. Molly House matches the classic quality of a traditional pub with a contemporary charm.

From Tearooms to Verandas, there’s No Shortage of Seats.


The Molly House has the Tardis effect; you don’t quite grasp its interior scale from the outside. What you’ll find are a tearoom, an upstairs bordello and veranda spread across bars and lounge areas, all sleekly designed and furnished. The décor is self-proclaimed vintage shabby chic, and each of the rooms successfully achieves the rare of effect of being modern and effortless. Quirky wall hanging, old barrels and large pine wood furniture makes the pub feel both rustic and alternative. The size of this furniture is perfect for a hang-out, large open tables make a great setting for meetings for a group of friends, whether its to chat without deafening background music or play one of the many board games provided.


The Bordello is almost like a boudoir, with plush leather and velvet chesterfields sitting underneath heavy curtains. The more sensuous and intimate feel is perhaps where to take a date during your visit. The Veranda, although sheltered is a perfect chance to enjoy fresh air, particularly on the long Summer nights that are met with one of Molly House’s seasonal Barbeques.

A Culinarian and a Sommelier walk into a Bar.

Throughout any of these rooms however, you’ll likely be concentrating on the delicious food and drink prepared. Molly House is a champion of quality Spanish Tapas style sharing food and platters. I defy anyone not to find a dish they absolutely love on the extensive and excellent menu, whether it’s the Spicy Diced Pork Fillet, the Glazed Sweet Potato Fries or a platter that gives you both and more. Alternatively, why not have a delectable City Brunch and treat yourself or company to masterfully prepared Eggs Florentine?

The drinks menu is similarly rich, with a great choice of ales, wines, spirits and Cocktails to rival any sophisticated City Bar. Additionally, for those not drinking alcohol, whether it’s during an evening or daytime visit, the selection of speciality word teas and coffees are sure to satisfy. These are particularly enjoyable during a quiet morning or afternoon sat reading one of the Molly House’s ranges of newspapers, magazines and books.

Whether you’re gastronomically inclined, or just looking to be surprised, I wholly recommend the Molly House as a place to dine, or drink, or relax, or celebrate. Simply, I encourage any Mancunian to give it a visit at least once; I can confidently say you’ll be impressed.

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