Mother Mash

Mother Mash London has by far the best bangers and mash in the biz.

We’ve long heard how Chicken Tikka Masala, or more recently overtaken by Chinese Stir Fry, are Britain’s favourite dishes. Although widely popular for a couple of decades now, there is a traditional British meal that has been enjoying a resurgence in recent years – bangers and mash. I must confess I’ve had a newfound love for mashed potato in recent months, ideally covered in melted margarine, so I was eager to try Mother Mash.

mother mash 1

Although they’ve recently opened a second branch in Leadenhall Street in the City, a friend and I visited the original Mother Mash Soho. While it does appear to be quite small, the nature of the food and service means there is a quick turnaround so there shouldn’t be a long wait to be seated. The slim restaurant has a simple interior – white tiling, marble tables and dark brown seating with a mix of booths and counter-top to sit at. A friend and I were extremely hungry upon arrival and were glad to be shown to a wooden booth.

mother mash 2

The Mother Mash menu is a simple layout – you have a choice of a variety of mashes, then bangers or pies, and then gravy. I must confess being spoiled for choice – the six different mashes all sounded delicious. I eventually opted for the Cheesy Mash, Vegetable and Herb Bangers (vegetarian) and Veggie Gravy (made with seasonal vegetables, tomato purée and horseradish). There was also a range of side orders, so I opted for some shredded, buttered cabbage. Mother Mash is also licensed so I enjoyed a bottle of Bulmers cider. The service was friendly and swift. We were ravenous so were glad our food came so swiftly. The mash potato was perfect – creamy and filling. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish and due to a fix of hunger and it being tasty, it wasn’t long before my plate was clean. The actual food bill came to £8.50 each so very good value indeed. I can highly recommend for both a hearty lunch or dinner.


MotherMash address: 26 Ganton Street, London, W1F 7QZ
Mother Mash Piccadilly opening hours: daily from 8:30am – 10pm daily

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