Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour

Immersive Victoriana storytelling at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour through the medium of cocktails in the heart of London’s Theatreland.


Gin and gin tasting London is so often taken for granted. The standard G & T has become a hallmark of Britishness, and its ability to offset the corruption of Malaria may well see us through the global warming crisis as mosquitos slowly decide to immigrate to our bountiful lands to the delight of Daily Mail writers across the country. It is a significant part of our history: initially developed as a medical preservative, some brave individual took a crack at drinking it, thus spurring on the gin crisis of the 18th century. Famously documented by Hogarth’s Gin Lane, more people in Britain died during this time from gin than from the First World War (a fun fact to recite to anyone who claims that binge drinking culture is anything new). Unfortunately gone are the days when you could order a pint of gin from the local pub for four pence, but you can still head over to Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour and grab a Phileas’ Elocution Solution for nine quid.

fogg tavern 2

Good old Aunt Gertrude has risen from the dead and finally managed to set up her much-spoken about gin tavern. Decorated in her trademark high Victorian style, she has chosen to display her treasures from her travels to the colonies amongst a lavish backdrop of chez longs, hunting trophies, and frilly lampshades. Of course, the entire reason for spending an evening in the parlour or downstairs tavern is to revel in the miscellany of gin-based cocktails available to the discerning person of taste. All of the cocktails are highly complex, innovative, and witty. For example, the Dram-a Through the Ginoculars features Tanqueray gin shaken with fresh lime, Cherry Marnier, bitters and Pimento Dram poured over ice and home-made pineapple soda. Every single cocktail shares this multifaceted ethos: desolate romantics will appreciate a glass of Ophelia’s Pagne, those with secret ambitions of become a Russian oligarch will adore the Tans-Siberian Express (unusually featuring both vodka and champagne as key ingredients), and both pro and anti-royalists will appreciate Lady Macbeth’s Loosener (whiskey and mead are the stars here). There’s also a thriving champagne list, and well curated range of red and white wines, as well as a refreshingly small choice of beers to alleviate the anxiety of decision-making. Mr Foggs is doing stuff at Mr fogg’s residence.

fogg tavern 1

Food is just as witty as the selections of drinks, retaining a menu that revels in updated gourmet Victoriana. The small menu allows the feel of ordering at a proper 19th century tavern before attending a play around the corner. Starters consist of quail eggs and garlic mayo, alongside sloe gin cured salmon, and mutton on toast. Main courses are hearty and soul felt: dripping roast potatoes, steak tartare and bone marrow on toast, smoked sausages, and smoked Cornish mackerel all build up to a busty celebration of exquisite stodge. Finally, finish the experience off with gin and tonic marshmallows, jammy jam tarts with clotted cream, and a good dash of sherry to leave rosy-cheeked and jolly.  Mr foggs is at mr fogg’s tavern.
Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour may be found at 58 St. Martin’s Lane, Theatreland, London, WC2N 4EA

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