The Night & Day Café – each Shift as Good as the Last.

Night & Day, a name perfectly suited to the café it describes. Night & Day is called so for a reason, during the day, it exists as a quirky coffee shop and bistro, serving heart and delicious food, whereas by night, it is one of Manchester’s most iconic and prolific music venues, hosting some of the greatest acts to have hailed from the City.


Surely, Night & Day is a part of Manchester’s cultural history and has been a platform for many of the artists that comprise the City’s impressive musical canon. Simply, whether you’re a local or just a visitor to the City, Night & Day is a place you should know about, and the best place to learn, is the visit!

From Chippie to City Centre ‘Cool’.

Night & Day-bar

The origins of Night & Day may not be particularly rock ‘n’ roll but nonetheless, certainly adds to a rustic charm. Opened in 1991, the café-bar was originally a chip shop before Jan Oldenburg, whom subsequently developed it into a music venue, purchased it. This slow burner eventually became a beacon and gained esteem for pioneering live music and supporting alternative bands. These bands aren’t just unsigned acts however, and some of the largest names in National music, both alternative and mainstream have graced the stage of the venue. These include the Arctic Monkeys, Paolo Nutini and even Jessie J. Today, Night & Day is one of Manchester’s most celebrated music venues, offering opportunities for local talent and quality artistry in a setting with a legacy for doing just that.

Come for a Meal, Stay for a Gig.

Night & Day-perfromer

What makes Night & Day distinct from other music venues is the wholesome foodie-minded cuisine it serves, breakfast through to gig-time gastronomy. The food is a culinary but hearty take on café-bistro food, and is certain to satisfy both the pallet and the glutton. Breakfast diners should sample ‘The Meaty Breakfast’. At £7, this dish is a generous serving of hearty but mouth-watering pork sausages, pancetta, poached eggs and although Full English sides. Stay for dinner and try the fittingly named ‘Smashing Pumpkin’, a pumpkin and butternut squash curry costing £7.50, served with chickpeas, red lentils and an aromatic and delicious blend of spices.

The gigs at Night & Day are many, with a constant stream of talented live acts performing. It is best advised to check in advance if there is a gig that particularly takes your fancy before booking. Who knows, you could bare witness the beginnings of the next big thing in the UK music scene?

Night & Day is a living embodiment of its local culture, and although based in the trendy Northern Quarter, is grounded by years of substance to meet its style.

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