Piccadilly Records – a Track Record of Quality Vinyl

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One thing that is inarguable is Manchester’s legacy in the British Music scene. Whether you’re a fan on the many brands of rock, pop, soul and everything in between that the City has yielded or not, it is impossible to deny that Manchester is a goliath in the Music Industry. Producing Acts from the Buzzcocks to the Bee Gees, from the Smiths to Simply Red, the tale of British Music is a tale of Manchester. It makes sense therefore that Manchester has a Record Store with an impressive pedigree of its own; Piccadilly Records is much a Manchester Institution as the acts it champions. All I can say is that you should visit Piccadilly Records if you’re a music lover, regardless of age and regardless of tastes. The store is overflowing with character and searching for a hidden music gem is always a worthwhile way to kill an afternoon.

The staff are all-knowing and between them, arguably haven’t left a single piece of music across every genre unheard; friendly and accommodating, the staff are perfect for recommending anything from both limited-edition classical vinyl to underground contemporary releases.

A History of Alternative is Not Lost in the Northern Quarter

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Since 1978, Piccadilly Records has built a legacy in providing music to many a Mancunian, and since 1990, it has doing so in its present location in the Northern Quarter. The location is fitting: trendy and urban, best serving Manchester’s record and vintage shoppers. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that a fashionable location – on Oldham Street – is indicative of a shallow shopping experience. Piccadilly truly is a Mecca for the music die-hard; the store has a history of supporting Independent Music in its truest sense, promoting acts without major labels that would otherwise go unknown.

Finding Diamonds in the Rough is as Easy as Ever

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Piccadilly Records is roomy and airy, and so matches its extensive collection with an environment that prevents its from coming across as overwhelming. The floor space is largely occupied with its vinyl racks, selling music from every genre and era conceivable. Piccadilly Records is perhaps one of a handful of venues where Kraut Rock proudly stands aside Northern Soul. These racks include what is the largest of 7” vinyls I have ever witnessed.

There are also two multi CD listening stations, three turntables and a PC to browse and sample the store’s impressive collection.

Piccadilly Records updates its website with new releases and rare runs that come in-store, so a savvy browser can ensure that a particularly valuable find is never too far out of reach.

A band performing at Piccadilly Records

A band performing at Piccadilly Records

Besides the music itself, Piccadilly Records sells a range of magazines, fanzines, T-shirts, record bags and all other related merch. Simply, a music lover would have a very hard time leaving without finding something they would be happy to part money for. The store has a counter full of flyers and events, which also advertise some of the in-store gigs it hosts, including both emerging and established artists.

Piccadilly Records always warrants a visit and I recommend the store both for the music lover and those wishing to expand their knowledge of music – just have no qualms asking the staff for assistance and direction amongst the medley.

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