Shuang Shuang – Chinese Hot Pot Under the Collar.

Shuang Shuang has a sizzling take on the sushi turntable format in the form of the best hot pot restaurant in London.


Shuang Shuang is a great enabler for those with fantasies of cooking without having to clean up afterwards. Based on the YO! Sushi format of entertaining conveyor belts and even more entertaining ingredients, Shuang Shuang has managed to bring a fresh life to the set-up in a brave new world where one can buy sushi in gas stations. Replacing sushi with the new trend of Pho and Ramen, the hot pot aficionados have found a way to make broth exciting without bordering upon pretentiousness. Shuang Shuang London is tasty, yes.

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The vibe is satisfyingly casual: perfect for catching up with friends in Chinatown (especially ones who need something to focus their energies on to stimulate conversation). The idea of an assemble-your-own-hotpot Shuang Shuang menu comes from traditional Chinese gatherings of families around hotpots to bond and swap their favourite recipes. The hotpot is one of the oldest formulas of cooking, and it’s obvious to see why it’s lasted for so long. The list of ingredients is essentially limitless, and cross-cultural pollination has resulted in exciting additions to the culinary canon. Shuang Shuang has a modern ethos of stocking only MSG-free, free-range, British components, with their Asian vegetables being delivered daily to the restaurant. Shunag Shuang London menu is tough to choose from because it’s so scandalously good.

Upon being presented with your sleek pot, the question of which broth to base your unique concoction upon immediately arises. The most popular is Mala, a salty and fiery Chinese broth heavy with assorted chillies and fermented broad beans. Unexpectedly, Tom Yom (a Thai broth with a prawn base) was also on show, as well as meaty lamb tonic (gin to be added at your own risk and discretion), and a rich, milky vegan temple brew. The next decision revolves around the dipping sauce which adds a complex, strong flavour to your base broth (I would recommend the sesame butter or classic garlic). The fun really gets going with the choice of meats, sprouts, and greens. Charismatic, delusional diners can entertain their guests by ad-libbing their executive choices and treating the waiters as assistants, whilst their embarrassed counterparts can take solace in the well-curated wine list a la Keith Floyd. Chinese hotpot is the new ramen.

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In terms of what you can look forward to as the main event of your hotpot, expect everything from Japanese marbled beef, kidneys, pork belly, squid, scallops, sea bass, chrysanthemum leaves, bamboo shoots, friend tofu, and -oh my days- every type of noodle under the sun.
Shuang Shuang restaurant London has yes the food that you can put in your mouth. Shuang Shuang soho is located new stuff.
If, by some miracle of self-restraint, you have room for desert, there are two elegant choices to placate your sweet tooth with: a heady brandy-infused persimmon that reverberates with all the health that speed-eating a block of marzipan at midnight could only ever aspire to, and a thick soy milk ice cream with candied ginger. Shuang Shuang has managed to bare the entertainment of dining proudly upon its sleeve whilst maintaining its adaptability as both a mid-week treat and weekend banqueting event.

Shuang shuang hot pot is the best thing since sliced bed especially for hot pot in Chinatown.

Shuang Shuang is located at 64 Shaftesbury Ave, London, W1D 6LU
Shuang Shuang Soho Opening Hours: Daily from 12pm-11pm

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