So you want to be Mayor?

Find out if you have what it takes to enter London’s exciting world of politics.


May I start by saying how pleased I am that you’ve decided to come to ThingsToDo for advice on your career at this critical juncture. As we all know, we live in a harsh time for jobseekers, especially for those based in London. Of course, the biggest thing to do is to find out what career path suits you best to make the most out of your time in the capital. The world of politics offers many exciting opportunities, and luckily for you, there’s a position opening up that you may be interested in. There are numerous avenues to gain entry into this world: via your family, by rallying grass roots support, via your connections, by going to the right school… really, just so many exciting options to choose from. But before you go any further, we need to establish whether your personality is well suited for the task at hand.


Answer the following questions:

  1. I most enjoy speaking…
    a) on Facebook messenger
    b) in private
    c) off the cuff
    d) to myself
    e) at my Party’s Conference


  1. Of the following, my favourite name is…
    a) Sarah
    b) James
    c) Moudasser
    d) Debbie
    e) Thatcher


  1. Most of my friends are…
    a) Black
    b) Jewish
    c) Gay
    d) stand-up-guys
    e) MPs


  1. The item of furniture I find most appealing is…
    a) the kitchen sink
    b) the sofa
    c) the bed
    d) the floor lamp
    e) the Cabinet


  1. Complete this phrase or word: ‘public’
    a) house
    b) space
    c) knowledge
    d) restroom
    e) Bill Committee


  1. My friends call me…
    a) Legendary
    b) Bill
    c) Jezza
    d) Darling
    e) the Candidate


  1. On my way to work, I prefer to be accompanied by…
    a) quiet commuters
    b) no one but the radio
    c) my thoughts
    d) a good cup of coffee
    e) A hoard of photo-journalists


  1. I would feel most secure knowing that I had…
    a) financial savings
    b) a house in a nice area
    c) a good alarm system
    d) a portable phone charger
    e) The City of London Police Force


  1. When feeling like I need to challenge myself, I…
    a) go for a long run
    b) read a tough book
    c) get involved in charity work
    d) take up an evening class
    e) undertake a Green Infrastructure Task Force Report


  1. My only annoyance about my friends is when they…
    a) talk behind my back
    b) give me well-meaning, but ill-informed advice
    c) leave before buying their round
    d) flake out of social arrangements
    e) leak my off-shore Mossack Fonseca papers to the Press

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