Stoke Newington – London’s New Coolest Area

Stoke Newington London has cemented itself as the new coolest borough in the Capital. Here’s everything you need to check out in the area:


Stoke Newington is the new refuge of the unashamedly hip and bohemian. As the cost of living has rapidly increased in Shoreditch, it makes sense the levels of desirability have permeated into surrounding areas. As such, Stoke Newington High Street is at an almost comfortable state of fringe gentrification and ethnic affordability (realistically, the issues of ethnic communities and ‘affordability’ are one and the same even in this day and age). The upshot of this for the casual venturer is that there is a heightened vibrancy of culture and riske start-ups alongside traditional restaurants and historic relics from the troubled past of London’s architectural topography. Take advantage of it whilst you can and spend a day at ‘Stokey’ before it topples into the target zone of ferocious international developers.

stokey 1

Food and Drink
Stoke Newington restaurants are a positive cacophony of flavours, cultures, and experiences. For those who like to kick off the discovery of a new area with the discovery of local goods courtesy of noble farmers and merchants, the Stoke Newington High Street Farmers’ Market on Saturday is an absolute must-see. Its reputation has been based on its accolade of the first all-organic market in London and continues to wave the flag of naturalism every Saturday. The Spence Bakery is the place to be for brunch Stoke Newington-ways, and has made the craft of bread into an art (its worth fighting through the queue to get to their unique assortment of rye breads and bagels). The Best Turkish Kebab Shop is literally that: voted as one of the best kebab shops in the UK by the British Kebab Awards for numerous consecutive years, the authentic recipes stand the test of time. The Black Pig with White Pearls is the go-to tapas restaurant of the area and their rallying flamenco soundtrack is an added bonus. The Fox Reformed is a knowingly traditional wine bar based in the former school of Edgar Allen Poe (talk about drinking in good company).

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Culture and Entertainment
It’s difficult to determine where the boundaries of culture and entertainment are in Stoke Newington due to the entrepreneurial nature of the start-ups currently running as well as the history of significant landmarks that still play a part in the amusement topography of the area. The most peculiar example of this would be the Castle Climbing Centre: initially designed by William Mylne to look like a towering Scottish castle, it has since been converted into a rock climbing arena for the adventurous who hold bizarre architecture at the heart of their desired quest motives. There is a new fringe theatre, ‘N16’ (Stoke Newington is London N16, geddit?) that is about to open at the White Heart that has garnered a lot of thespian speculation and excitement, with the launch date meandering around mid 2016 that is worth bearing in mind. The Stoke Newington International Airport is a wittily titled arts venue that supports underground performance groups with regular unorthodox events every day of the week. The West Reservoir is now a leisure facility featuring sailing, water sports, and (according to Wikipedia) premium ‘water board’ facilities (probably not on par with those offered by the U.S., but the New River does have a hearty population of terrapins and water birds).

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After-hours revelry is a true strength of the area and there are enough venues catering to the more Bacchean aspect of mankind to make Futurama’s ‘Hedonism Bot’ blush. There are a huge number of pubs Stoke Newington-side to choose from, as well as bars and clubs. Bubble.jar is an independent bar who caters to local artistic types with a love of fish, chips, and cocktails. The Nest provides an update of the cutting edge of electronic music amidst gender-fuck club kids ready for a good time out. Blush is the best gay bar in the area, providing a laid-back oasis for those who are willing to mingle, but not willing to boogie. The Drop is a new lively party venue just below the Three Crowns featuring live music and some mean cocktails. Finally, lovers of comedy will definitely want to drop by the Lion on the 3rd Sunday of every month for the Stoke Newington comedy gig.


The nearest Stoke Newington tube is actually the overground station Stoke Newington Station or Rectory Road Station.

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