Ragdale Hall: A Luxury Spa in Leicestershire

When you hear Melton Mowbray, you may think of little pork pies, humble and calorific picnic foods that make up in robust flavour what they lack in grandiosity and sophistication.

However it is a grandiose sophistication that characterises Ragdale Hall – a health spa that also finds its home in Melton Mowbray.

Ragdale Hall, Leicestershire

Ragdale Hall is a melange of traditional opulence and a state of the art modernity, creating an award-winning holiday destination that suits anyone looking for a short and regenerative retreat or a place to visit that is closer to home.

Ragdale Hall Dining Room

Ragdale Hall is a Victorian country manor house that sits upon acres of land and is both physically and metaphorically miles away from the mayhem of the big cities. What makes Ragdale Hall particularly desirable as a holiday destination is its bounty of treatments, facilities and activities on offer.

The thermal spa. for instance, is an oasis comprised of a waterfall pool that begins inside and meanders to an outdoor unit. The thermal spa also entails themed “cave rooms”. These range from the ambient and enchanting candle rooms, illuminated by diffused candlelight, or scented aromatherapy rooms and saunas, all designed to maximise pampering.

Commonplace in Ragdale Hall is the sight of other guests reclining throughout the establishment in quilted bath robes, offered at a rental price of £3.50. In fact, the sight of men and woman cocooned in self-indulgent comfort is endearing amidst the backdrop of opulent high-ceilings and ornate furnishings. Nowhere is this more apparent than in one of the many communal areas that encourage complete release of stress. Fear not; although some of the rooms are communal, the sheer size of Ragdale Hall means that you are often able to find nooks and crannies all to yourself.

Ragdale Hall Chillout Room

Ragdale Hall similarly prides itself on offering the catharsis of exercise alongside a sea tranquillity. The spa provides both equipment and classes, all state of the art. Facilities include a 25m pool, an exercise pool and a fully-equipped gym. The classes are incredibly varied and include dance fitness, fencing, aqua pilates and croquet.

What really makes Ragdale Hall brilliant, however, is earning back the calories burnt during all the work-outs. The food here is simply sublime, appealing to both those seeking haute-cuisine and those drawn to the health benefits of a spa. Breakfasts are served directly to the bedroom and guests can choose from both English and continental options, all with a health-food twist. My favourite is the mango, orange and lemongrass consommé, a refreshing and zingy dish that proves to be a very welcome wake-up-call. Lunch and dinner service are offered in the dining hall, where a mastery of fusion cuisine keeps the diners satiated with vibrant, filling and guilt-free dishes. Examples of dishes served are char-grilled entrecôte of beef, hoisin marinated belly of pork, and oven-baked haddock fillet with sautéed bok choi.

Panna Cotta Ragdale Hall

A stay here can range from a spa day to a longer break, both of which are included in Ragdale Hall’s great online packages. An example of this is “the mother and daughter package”, offering a discount that provides an ideal excuse to celebrate the end of exams or even retirement with added intimacy and warmth.

To relax, replenish and renew, I really cannot recommend any better destination. Ragdale Hall offers not merely commercialised spa treatments (the ones on offer however, are extensive) but attention to detail and most importantly, attention to luxury.

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