Vindinista Wine Bar

Join the cult of Vindinistas in the Bacchant ecstasy of this new Acton wine bar.


Vindinista is the natural progression of the expert Acton wine merchant ‘Park + Bridge’. The origin story of the wine bar as an independent wine merchant means that the team have managed to accumulate tried-and-tested favourites over years of sourcing unique vineyards. The result is a local and friendly wine bar that shines through the merits of its grass-roots genesis, prioritising intimacy and affability over bankrolling prices on magnums in the midst of a generic low-lighting saloon (we’re looking at you, inner-city wine bars). In any case, the small number of seats means the maximum amount of attention from the bar staff. Over the course of an evening, it is perfectly possible to get through 15 different wines as they’re more than happy to give you a taste of almost everything on the wine list. However, you probably won’t get to this stage as after a brief conversation about your personal interests and tastes, the staff will nail your favourite wine after a few minutes. Fans of the eponymous ‘Withnail and I’ will appreciate its most famous line emblazoned across the wall of the bar, “We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now!”

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True words, and you’ll find yourself disheveldly screaming them at the staff after a few fantastic carafes (they go down remarkably easily). Of course, the only way to calm down from all this vino excitement is with something to eat. There is a fine choice of cold cuts and cheeses with some oddball cured fowl thrown in for good measure. Regular supper clubs are held at Vindinista which focus and excel at giving a taste of a particular world region (their latest Danish supper club was a huge success: showing everyone that there’s more to Danish cuisine than pickled fish and pastries)- be sure to ask about when the next one will be after having established a repertoire. The small venue plays to its strengths and has a passionate love of music, taking advantage of the small number of guests to create a playlist every evening that takes into account any requests and genres. On top of that, they make a huge effort to engage with their guests and advertise whenever they’re having an evening playing through an entire niche album (past playthroughs have included the Psychedelic Furs ‘BOOM!’, and Bjork’s ‘Debut’).  This really is a venue that appeals to wine and music connoisseurs, allowing the rare chance to sit down with some wine and appreciate some fantastic music in the company of like-minded individuals who are more than happy to chat about the pros and cons of the sparkling red wine on the menu.


Vindinista is located at 74 Churchfield Road, London, W3 6DH

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